Tailor-made services

We offer a know-how and independent expertise to institutional investors.
By keeping a close relationship with our counterparties, we provide tailor made responses to their needs and focus on offering them the best opportunities in the various markets in which we are active.

We cover the entire bond market and specialise in investment solutions for the following markets :

  • Subordinated financial debt
  • High-yield markets
  • Emerging markets
  • Convertible bonds
  • Illiquid bonds
  • Sustainable bonds
  • Private debt

We also deal in equities, structured products, currencies and other financial products.



Search for the best market prices

The staff at Valcourt will use their extensive experience to execute your orders and find the best prices. To do this, we rely on our large network of counterparties that we have developed over the years. We trade, without delay, in accordance with best market practice.

We guarantee the utmost discretion in the processing and monitoring of orders.



In direct cooperation with our institutional counterparties, we regularly keep them abreast of the latest trends, help them with their investment strategies and submit bond selections based on market conditions and their expectations (risk, duration and field of activity).

Our investment ideas are adapted to market conditions, taking into account our analysis of the macroeconomic situation and in particular the changes in interest rates.

Our support activity is the basis for the trusting relationships we build with institutional investors.

Why choose Valcourt?

In-depth knowledge of bond markets and products

An in-depth knowledge of bond markets and products, combined with our thorough understanding of our counterparties' needs, enables us to provide high value-added solutions.

First-class execution

Our trading team has the expertise and extensive network to access the best price.
We are active with over 800 financial institutions in the bond market worldwide.


Our sense of service and our team spirit allow us to offer the greatest availability to our counterparties. 
Their interests and success are our priorities.

At the forefront of bond innovation

Valcourt is at the forefront of innovation in terms of both bond products and the use of trading platforms. Our team closely follows market developments and technology to ensure that our counterparties benefit from the latest trends.


An international network

Over the years Valcourt has built a network of over 800 counterparties.

We are active with market correspondents and financial institutions such as banks, independent managers and asset managers, who are all professionals operating in the bond market.

Access to local brokers specialising in certain emerging debt issues and to other types of counterparties, active in niche markets, gives us the possibility to offer prices and liquidity on certain papers that allow us to stand out.